What feeds us?

In About Us on June 14, 2011 at 12:55 AM

At the core this blog will be about food. The kind of food that fills you up and inspires you. It will chronicle a summer of eating CSA and CSF shares, veggies from our garden, and as many locally-sourced ingredients as possible. It will explore the concept of community -supported living – trading radishes for fresh eggs, hours weeding gardens for fish, and marketing work for yoga classes. It will be an online recipe box, a guide for cooking what’s local and in-season, and an inspiration to live communally. Featuring one slightly used red wagon.

  1. When are we going to see the red wagon?

    Here’s what I need help with…kitchen scraps. In our NYC life, we kept our scraps in the freezer, and dropped them off at the farmer’s market on Saturdays. Perfect. We had much less trash and had a gold star feeling of reusing natural products. It was also striking how much food waste there can be- egg shells, peels, stems.
    Our new Boston life- not sure that this exists! Admittedly, haven’t made it to a farmer’s market yet (the horror!). But using my mad searching skills hasn’t revealed anything. How can we do this at home, albeit in a rental? And so it won’t be smelly. I’d love to hear more on this….

  2. […] January my husband and I did a New Years Paleo challenge for 8 weeks. 52 weeks later we’re still on it. We feel good, we look good (ya, […]

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