A summer’s share…

In CSA, CSF on July 22, 2011 at 10:16 PM

This summer we are excited to dive into the community supported food thing whole heartedly. We have signed up for a full vegetable share + a half fruit share and a fish share. They all have Thursday pick-ups so each week, on Thursdays, we’ll get a full box of produce and fish – surprise! – we won’t know what we’re getting in either.

While we believe it’s the best way to enjoy organic, local veggies and fruit, and the freshest fish possible, it’s still an enormous commitment. I’ll admit that I have some reservations about how well we’ll do – the goal we made for ourselves is to have as little waste as possible and to try and limit our additional food purchases to things not included in these shares like eggs, butter, pantry staples and meat stuff . Meaning, we’re eating what come in that box and cooler. This blog is really meant to help me chronicle our trials and tribulations and, hopefully, enormous success. I hear so many people talk about how they would want to try and do a CSA or CSF share but they’re intimidated by the commitment, price and the unknown factor – well, I feel the same way but my intent to source my food locally to feed myself as well as possible and to, in turn, support my community is what gives me courage. Overly dramatic? I don’t think so – it’s a big chunk of money to pay up front and a potentially long summer of kale and cucumbers and cod.

We’ll see how we do. Have tips? Please share in the comments section!

Interested in a CSA or CSF near you? Sites like Local Harvest and this MA-specific site NOFA/Mass are great tools for finding ones in your area.

Where are we getting our food?

First Light Farm grows organic vegetables in Hamilton, Massachusetts. We purchased a  20-week full summer share ($625.00) and a 10-week 1/2 peck fruit share of peaches and apples ($70.00). They offer full and half shares for both fruit and vegetables. There are quite a few CSAs in our area and we decided to go with First Light because they have a new delivery location at The Market restaurant in Annisquam (which we love) that we can walk to. Done deal.


Cape Ann Fresh Catch is a local CSF so there was no thinking there.


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