Fancy ice cubes

In Drinks on July 27, 2011 at 9:22 PM

I learned from my ever-informative friend Maura (librarian extraordinaire, NYC badass and maker of dope old fashioned cocktails) that ice cubes melt slower if they’re perfectly square. Huh? For real? I did look that up and I guess it’s all about square surface area and such so bigger cubes melt slower and square melts faster than round.  Very good. So, I picked myself up a set of those silicone trays that make perfect cubes. She was right.

The obsession first started with ice coffee ice cubes. It’s really SO much better when you have those around. Rick even likes to add some espresso to them too. I’m a coffee fiend. I don’t try and hide it. Coffee was good but it got me thinking about what other kinds of fancy cubes I could make ….

Then I let a pineapple go just a few days too long and the pineapple cubes were created. Perfect for margaritas! Throw the overly-ripe fruit (or perfectly ripe, if you’re better than me) in the food processor and fill the trays will that goo. You’ll be surprised that it’s not as sweet as you expect. Add a cube to a cocktail or a plain glass of water and it’s amazing what that little bit of juice will do. Try it!

I guess I better pick up these huge ice cube trays from Crate and Barrel just for fun


  1. Well, thanks Heather!
    I love this idea of using fruit that has gone slightly to make ice cubes. Regretting those cherries I tossed.
    They would have been great in homemade ice pops!
    (You might like this… http://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/17/magazine/mark-bittman-ice-pops-four-ways.html)

  2. omg this sounds like the best idea ever!! i love your blog :)

    • Meredith, they’re even great just thrown into a glass of water. Changes the whole scene! And, I know you’re a pro with freezing foodstuff these days!

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