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Yesterday was September 1st. Something about this time of year will always puts me in the zone to set goals, think about the next few months and “clean house” so-to-speak. I should do it literally too. I’m gearing up for the next Paleo challenge at the gym, getting ready to ramp up my training routine and I just started a new part time job. Is it me or is it fall? Do you feel the same?

BHG desk organizing

You know I am inspired by CrossFit Cape Ann and the amazing folks in my community there. I also read blogs like the Lululemon community blogAthleta Chi and The World According to OmGal, which all inspire me to use physical activity as a way to combat stress, set goals, and realize that a healthy balance between work and life can make me better at both.

Time and time again, I go back to this particular community post by Olive, who spent 30 days last fall living the Lululemon manifesto. Olive wrote something that really struck a cord, “Your outlook on life is a direct reflection of how much you like yourself (for real this time).”

Oli Living The lululemon Manifesto

Maybe a certain aspect of your life has you questioning your value and ability despite your best efforts. Maybe you’re still beating yourself up after eating another slice of pie. Maybe you’re too busy to work out, sleep enough, read a book, and grow a garden.

That’s enough of that. To be successful at our lives, we have to start by placing a high value on our self-worth. It often takes time and effort to get on board with that one.

Here are a few things Olive has learned that are worth sharing:

  • Loving yourself means committing to participating in your own life.
  • Learn to forgive and grow from perceived failures (we often forget that these feelings pass).
  • Identify flaws and what you are doing with or about them.
  • Learn to interrupt my inner voice, especially when it starts going on those long-winded rants about you not being good enough, or in control, or perfect (you know the usual cycle of darts you throw at yourself).
  • I learned that I can talk myself in or out of anything. Someone once told me that you can rationalize and justify all day long, all life long and do nothing to live a better life. Or, you can begin to realize that you actually hold the secret within you to take your life or at least your attitude towards life in any direction you choose.

After realizing only you can empower yourself, the next step is about goal setting. We are often forced to do this in our jobs – why don’t we all do that for ourselves in our personal lives? Maybe you do. But if you don’t maybe now is the time to start.

Write down your short and long-term goals four times a year. Two personal, two business and two health goals for the next 1, 5 and 10 years. I am in the process of setting these goals for myself. At CrossFit Cape Ann we set strength and endurance goals on the board and one goal for outside the gym. Mine are all about getting baby-making-healthy, pull-ups, doing Barbara Rx and hiking the Incan trail to Machu Pichu.

Here’s a handy dandy vision-and-goals-worksheet to help you:


What are your goals?


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