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Facing another year of packing school lunches? Even if you don’t have kids (which I don’t) it’s worth a quick minute to review what you’re eating when you don’t have the luxury of eating all your meals at home. Subsiding on coffee and leftovers? Nothing wrong with that but it gets old. Here are some Paleo lunch/snack ideas for kids and adults. Skip the 100 calorie bags of anything – actually, skip most anything that comes in little bags.

Intentional Consumption - It's a mouthful

Don’t focus on what they/you shouldn’t eat – instead, stick to the 3 macronutrients. Why not make a list with them and put down all the things they LIKE from those components and talk about them as building blocks for your body and the building blocks for meals. This is a great practice for anyone making dietary changes – stop focusing on what you can’t have and enjoy the things you can have that you love.

  • Protein (meats, seafood, canned tuna, deli meats, egg salad…gluten free, nitrate free)
  • Carbohydrate (veggies, fruit)
  • FAT (avocado, good oils, nuts, nut butters)

Something like egg salad or chicken salad in a lettuce wrap or half green pepper shell or on portobello mushrooms instead of on bread. Deli meat rolls with a little raw cheese and avocado. Make up some homemade mayo too.

Good snacks include nuts, dried unsweetened cherries, and pieces of beef jerky, dried blueberries, sliced apples w/ almond butter. Paleo muffins are a great snack too. Salsa and guac with root vegetable chips or sweet potato chips help satisfy that crunchy need.

I love Larabars – very few ingredients, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, kosher, non-GMO, blah blah blah :) It’s just nuts and fruit and a few choc chips here and there. If you’re so inspired, Everyday Paleo posted a nice, easy recipe to make them at home. Fruit ‘n’ Nut bars –  especially great because you can manage the size, especially for little ones.

This AWESOME lunchbox might inspire you. I’m in love. Ignore the chips and sandwich :)

Meal in the PlanetBox


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