Chicken Soup for the….

In About Us, Events on November 17, 2011 at 11:35 AM

yup. I know – just the title of that book induces the gag reflex. Warning – this post might too.

What Feeds Us is not just about food – it’s also about what fills me up in the Anne of Green Gables “kindred spirits” kind of way and what I hope fills you up too. This past weekend I competed in the Garage Games. A silly, fun CrossFit competition at CrossFit Southie where I worked out super hard, spent time with fellow badass folks (including some of my FAVORITE friends) and learned a ton.

I packed my cooler and brought tons of Paleo snacks. I “tailgated” in a parking lot of a warehouse for two days, if you can call 100s of foam rollers a tailgate, and it was rad. I learned a lot of technical points that will be helpful for me and those I coach in the gym. I got a taste of the competitive side of things having to do with CF. I felt what it was like to do 4 intense workouts in a little over 24 hours. I felt the pride of putting myself out there and doing really well.

But the most important thing that happened was one I was totally unprepared for – I woke up Monday morning overwhelmed with gratitude. Fuck. My life is so awesome – awesome because it is filled with the most amazing, supportive people ever.

There are some fab pictures from the weekend but the one stuck in my head is of MY viewpoint as I was going to do box jump #80 and standing in front of me is my entire extended family – hubs, rents, bro and soon-to-be SIL…best friend and her/my little sister, coaches and friends from CFCA, friends who biked over WITH SIGNS, family friends who are now CrossFittters…and 100+ other people screaming and yelling.

Throughout the week leading up to the games I received texts and messages and phone calls – good luck! You rock! Go coach, show ’em how it’s done! All weekend people checked in to see how it was going. The aftermath has been equally intense. The SWELL really made me pause. It made me thankful. It made me humbled.

This was just a fun thing I did. Imagine if something important happened in my life?

If you don’t have such a community – go find one. Maybe not at CrossFit, maybe not even in your immediate family or friends. Wherever it is – go and find those people who lift you up. Who make you want to be better and try new things. Who say, “Nice job, what’s next?” And then say, “I want to do it with you.”

Today is my 31st birthday. I have a lot to be thankful for.

  1. Best.blog.yet. Happy birthday H!

  2. Motivating! Enjoy your birthday! Thank you for sharing!!

  3. WOW…after the day I just had, well the past few months!! That just brought me to tears! You DO ROCK and it’s so awesome that you are humbled by the experience. It just makes me miss you more, since you are one of those amazing people that did stumble into my life long ago. Distance is such a disease I tell ya…but hopefully it’s the little moments that bring people together once again and make us remember “when!”
    I hate that I just forgot your birthday!! You were there to celebrate mine, rather SURPRISE the heck out of me. I hope the day was filled with joy and something amazing for yourself! Love you!

  4. Something important did happen:
    You pushed your boundaries, tried something new- and liked it. Kept doing it. Turned it into a job.
    You did something scary in front of 100s of people, including the folks that matter most.
    And in doing so, you inspire and challenge. Which is huge.

  5. Happy B- Lated Gorgeous!

  6. Finally had a chance to catch up on your posts- and this one brought on a few tears. You are so right about support, it is critically important- thank you for the reminder to step back and be grateful….also, don’t forget that YOU are a person that lifts people up…you give and you receive! xo

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