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It’s that kinda Thanksgiving week. I keep getting requests for recipes but I’m not cooking! However, I will be making a few things, like blue cheese stuffed bacon wrapped dates (I know, what’s up!) and trying out a cheesecake in jars recipe. I’ll post on those for sure. Also, I promise to get on it and share some really great ideas for the rest of the season.

In the meantime, I just saw this post from the inspiring Erica Saint Claire. I want to share her Paleo Turkey-Day menu and also share with you what amazingly awesome feat she’s embarking on. This woman is a CrossFitter. She eats Paleo. Her Dad passed away from Melanoma (I had Melanoma twice). She is running the Boston Marathon (seriously) and raising money for The Melanoma Foundation of New England (MY cause/my charity of choice who I do a lot of work with) – AND – get this, she is selling burpees!!! This is like all of the stuff that is important to me all in one woman – I’m awed.

But, first, here’s the menu!

Salted baked chicken (Im cooking for 2.5)
Dried fruit and nut stuffing w Sage
Homemade Orange-Cranberry Sauce
Mashed garlic and rosemary cauliflower
Sweet potatoes topped with Figs and Apple Cider/Fig syrup
Coconut creamed green beans
Bacon & walnut stuffed mushrooms
Butternut squash soup
Baked apples
Pumpkin pie with a walnut/bacon grease crust
Spiced apple cider
Lots of wine

Now, onto the fundraising. In her own words:

“My fundraising goal is $10,000.00. You can donate and amount of  money, goods or services within your ability. I am also selling off burpees during the marathon for $50 each, I will do up to 26 burpees on mile 1, 25 burpees on mile two, ect ect with a maximum number of burpees capped at 351 (this would mean I do reverse burpee madness along the course). If you want me to do a burpee in memory of a loved one, or for a loved one battling cancer, please email me with a little bit about your loved one, and maybe even a picture. I will be making great area just for them! If every burpee got purchased, I would raise over $17,500!!!”

What’s a burpee?

I am a marathoner. 1 and done. It was HARD and I can’t even fathom doing anything but breath along the 26.2 miles, let alone add in all those burpees! I’m not sure yet how I’m going to help this lady complete this effort but I intend to help her raise as much money as I can and I intend to be there and do some burpees myself on marathon Monday. Shit. This is incredible. She’s doing some other really cool stuff to raise money – like Paleo date nights and friends dinners. Check out her blog Erica Runs Boston and consider supporting her efforts in some way. If nothing else, be inspired to take the things in your life that are important to you and find a way to make them work together. I’m amazed by this effort.

I’m certain her Dad would be proud.

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