Did anyone see December?

In About Us on January 2, 2012 at 7:32 AM

It seems to have passed without a post here at What Feeds Us. Whoops. Sorry ’bout that. I won’t bore you with that whole I was busy thing – you probably were too. What I’ll say, though, is that December was FULL. Full of holiday cheer, full of family and friend time, and full of good food.

Actually, the whole year was. While it was tough at times it was also full of bravery. So, we started 2012 true to that fashion and took an icy dip in the drink. Jumping in full speed – Bring it 2012!

It’s now that time – January 1st – when most people make some resolutions (often without success) that revolve around eating, exercise and overall quality of life. If you’re going that route or thinking about it might I recommend something a bit different – if you want to make changes, try setting goals. Write them down. Do a quick search and you’ll find tons of worksheets online to use as a template. Make them big and lofty but let’s be real – you never achieve that big, huge goal without doing THE WORK to get there. You have to do the work. Here are some tips on getting started –

Break your big goal down into multiple smaller goals. For example: if your goal is to blog more regularly (wink, wink), set a goal that you can achieve in a shorter amount of time that will help you get there, such as “I will spend one hour every week planning my blog writing schedule and listing ideas/topics to write about.”

Make it measurable. Can you measure your goal? If you can’t measure it, it’s not a goal.

Be as specific as possible. Affix dates and deadlines – you want to reach these goals, right?

Now, share them. Preferably with someone who will help you reach them.

Last January my husband and I did a New Years Paleo challenge for 8 weeks. 52 weeks later we’re still on it. We feel good, we look good (ya, it’s OK to say that! it’s even better to think it!) and we’re eating as well as we ever did before those changes. If your resolutions or goals are food related try not to spend every second of the day thinking about what you can’t or shouldn’t eat. Instead, make a list (even a mental one) of the foods you love that you can eat. Eat them! Feel good about it! Find new recipes to try and find some folks to help you stay focused.

A few of my goals for the new year include:

Blog more! How? By posting twice a week on here

Drink more water! How? Every time I think about coffee drink 8oz. Seriously, I think about coffee ALL DAY.

Keep getting closer to my food sources and be BRAVE about it. How? Visit the farms I buy my food from. Think about participating in the slaughter of, or catching of, said food. The hubs hunted a duck over the holiday – sounded great to my Paleo cavewoman mind but then it was there needing to be gutted, feathered, cooked – not gonna lie, I’m glad I didn’t have to handle anything other than photographing the process and eating the finished goods. I was a little squeamish at first but if this is the stuff I think is important, well, I better buck up and walk the walk.

Master that fucking pull-up. Pardon my french but my November 2010 goal was to do 10 pull-ups. Clearly, I’m not working hard enough at them. I am working at them. Sometimes it’s hard but it’s not cutting it. So, how will I do this? Spend 5 minutes on the bar working on them EVERY time I walk into CrossFit. I have not been consistent with this. Work at BOTH my strict dead hang pull-up and my kips.

What are some of your goals for 2012?

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